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Protocols and Software

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Protocols for nanopore fabrication and biomolecule analysis by solid-state nanopores

1.  Li, J. & Golovchenko, J. A. Solid-State Nanopore for Detecting Individual Biopolymers. Micro and Nano Technologies in Bioanalysis 544, 81–93 (2009).

2.  Rollings, R. C., McNabb, D. S. & Li, J. DNA Characterization with Ion Beam-Sculpted Silicon Nitride Nanopores. Nanopore-Based Technology 870, 79–97 (2012).

3.  Ledden, B., Fologea, D., Talaga, D. S. & Li, J. Sensing Single Protein Molecules with Solid-State Nanopores. Nanopores 129–150 (2011).


1.  GUI-based data analysis routines written in MATLAB have been developed for analyzing DNA and protein translocation events measured using Molecular Device’s Clampfit software. This software is currently maintained and is available upon request.